Ziya Selçuk Resigned, New Minister of National Education Announced

It has been announced that Ziya Selçuk, who has been the Minister of National Education since 2018, resigned according to the information in the official newspaper. Mahmut Özer, who had previously served as the President of ÖSYM, was replaced by Selçuk.

Rumors of resignation circulating on social media for a while became official. It has been officially announced that Ziya Selçuk, whose resignation has been talked about for about a week, has resigned. confirmed.

The name that replaced Ziya Selçuk was Mahmut Özer, the former Deputy Minister. Ozer, previously OSYM Presidency made a name.

Former President of ÖSYM was appointed to the post

Rumors that Ziya Selçuk resigned and his resignation was accepted had already been talked about for days. However, it was not thought that the name that would replace him could be Mahmut Özer. Mahmut Özer, during the Ministry period of Selçuk. as an assistant had served.

Mahmut Özer was previously at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University. Rectorin institutions such as Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK), Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) presided over someone.

Second Minister to resign recently

Ziya Selçuk, from the first cabinet of the Presidential Government System “by resigning” the second minister who left. The first minister is the former Minister of Finance and Treasury. It was Berat Albayrak. Selçuk also left the cabinet until today. fifth minister it has happened.


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Mahmut Özer, the new Minister of National Education. during the day expected to make a statement.

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