Zoom Acquires Cloud Computing Company for $14.7 Billion

Video conferencing app Zoom has announced that it has acquired the cloud service provider Five9 for $14.7 billion. With this acquisition, the company made the second largest acquisition of 2021 in the technology sector.

Although we knew it partially before the coronavirus pandemic, the video conferencing application that has become an integral part of our lives in many areas with the coronavirus pandemic Zoomhas taken a new step that will strengthen its presence in the internet world a little more. The company announced that it has acquired Five9, one of the companies known for providing cloud technologies, in exchange for stocks. This purchase is $14.7 billion cost.

Zoom CEO, who made statements on the subject Eric Yuanannounced that they did their best to expand the platform. In this context, the addition of a cloud service provider to Zoom very natural Yuan said that they will continue to work and grow.

What does Five9 do?


Five9, which Zoom bought at a record price, Contact to establish providing manufactures cloud systems. Companies that can provide services such as phone calls, e-mail systems and live support through this company, as a competitor of Five9. Amazon ConnectThey can choose companies such as Vonage and Talkdesk.


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The purchase made by the video conferencing application Zoom, technology industry very important for Because the $14.7 billion acquisition is the second largest acquisition event of the year in this sector. The first one belonged to Microsoft, and this purchase $16 billion it was owned. The incident is a clear indication of how a software that was not so important a few years ago could grow with the pandemic…

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