Zoom filter fail: Mr. Richter, I’m not a cat


Spicing up video conferences with filters can also backfire: This is proven by the recording of a trial by a Texas court that is currently making the rounds via Zoom. The clip only shows the picture of a kitten instead of the lawyer Rod Ponton. When the judge advises that a zoom filter is apparently activated in the video settings, the kitten looks confused.

The internet is full of hot IT news and stale pr0n. In between there are always pearls that are too good for / dev / null.

Yes, it’s a filter, but he doesn’t know how to display it, says Ponton / the cat. His assistant is already there to help him. “I’m actually here and I’m not a cat,” he asserts. “I can see that,” replies the judge and tries to give instructions on how to turn off the filter.

Shared the clip among other things the judge Roy Ferguson via Twitter. “Important zoom tip: If a child has used their computer, you should check whether filters are switched off in the settings before joining a video meeting,” he commented on the case. Now a kitten has made a formal announcement on a case in the 394th Texas District Court.

In the end it only took about half a minute to switch the filter off again, said lawyer Ponton the local media Mysanantonio. He had used his secretary’s computer and it was really not on purpose to join the meeting with Katzenbild. And if he has made people laugh with his mishap during these stressful times, then he will gladly accept it.

So much for the official account. According to Occam’s fur curry, the far more obvious explanation would be: Lawyer Rod Ponton is actually a cute kitten. After all, on the Internet we never really know who we are dealing with. And the truth is out there somewhere.


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