ZTE Axon 30 With Cameraless Display To Be Introduced On July 22


ZTE introduced the Axon 20 with a brand new technology in 2020. It was the first time a smartphone had a hidden front camera inside the display. Although it has problems, this technology, which seems very potential, will appear in a more advanced form with the ZTE Axon 30, which will be introduced on July 22.

Last year, ZTE was successful in the process it entered and produced the first smartphone with a screen where the front camera is not visible. The device is a mid-range smartphone with a bezel-less display and a hidden front camera. ZTE Axon 20 was released under the name. The device we saw at the time was considered a very promising technology that still had to mature.

For this year, ZTE was expected to introduce the next generation of its camera technology, but ZTE Axon 30 Ultra and ZTE Axon 30 Pro We haven’t seen any progress on this. Interestingly, the standard version of the device is missing and this is due to the fact that the front camera of the device has a hidden borderless display.

The ZTE Axon 30 will take the technology that comes with the Axon 20 to the next level:

zte axon 30

According to a new report with hidden front camera The format of the screen showcased in the next generation will be officially introduced next month. A few days ago, the Chinese display manufacturer Visionnox, ZTE introduced the second-generation hidden front camera display, which is expected to come with the Axon 30. According to a foreign news site, the smartphone will be introduced on July 22. The information comes from a video shared by ZTE president Ni Fei.

Visionox’un InV see Pro The screen comes with pixel layout improvements. This provides better clarity and less fogging on the screen with the hidden front camera. We also expect the new screen to enable ZTE to take better quality photos and fix video problems on its new device.


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There is no definite information about the technical specifications of the device, but according to rumors, its processor Snapdragon 888 It will be that this processor is also used in Axon 30 Ultra and Pro. however, standard It is also possible that the version will come with a processor with a cheaper price.