Zynga Rolled Up Its Hands For Another Turkish Game Company

It has been revealed that Zynga has taken action to buy another Turkish company. According to the information provided by the Competition Authority, the game giant wants to buy Forgerhero and its Estonia-based subsidiary ByteTyper. It is currently unknown how much Zynga will pay for the purchase.

One of the world’s largest video game manufacturers Zynga, is the subject of our news from time to time with the game companies it bought. In fact, the company recently bought Turkish game companies. had strengthened. Now it has been revealed that Zynga has taken action to buy a Turkish company again. According to the information obtained from the Competition Authority, Zynga Forgerhero with its affiliate ByteTypesTrying to buy .

Founded by Alp Eren Özkul and Dağhan Demirci, Forgerhero is actually a new video game company. Last year The company that was established has not come up with a big game so far. However, Fergerhero’s Estonia-based subsidiary ByteTyper is very active, especially in the mobile gaming world. In fact, such as Jetpack Ride 3D, Spa Wellness 3D, Liquid Fill 3D and Build Master that this company has released so far. 18 games exists.

Purchase details unknown


In the press release of the Competition Authority, there is no information about when the sale will be completed. not available. It is also unknown for now how much Zynga will pay to purchase Forgerhero ByteTyper. If this sale takes place, Zynga presence in Turkey. It will be a little wider.

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Zynga paid huge sums of money to game developers in Turkey. In this context, the acquisitions carried out by the company to date, $2.3 billion had cost. Now these will be added to the acquisition of two more companies. most talked about Looks like it’s going to become one of their names.